Impact Thinking: being commercially successful with purpose and impact

The focus on meaning and impact in the company makes a significant contribution to the successful implementation of projects and to placing the company on a sustainable foundation. As part of the Treffpunkt.Tomorrow series of events, Sigrid Koloo contributed an impulse on the topic of “Impact Thinking – being economically successful with meaning and impact”. Afterwards, we tried out the implementation in our own business practice with practical tasks. The exchange of ideas provided a […]

Mobility & sufficiency: how mobility can be made sufficiency-oriented and sustainable

Mobility & sufficiency in combination brings numerous advantages for companies, humans and the environment. The keyword here is mobility sufficiency. This is a sustainability strategy that leads to reduced environmental damage through individually frugal mobility consumption. This is achieved with reduced resource and energy consumption.  Sufficiency also has something to do with behavioural change. Individual behavioural changes There are three possible strategies for changing mobility behaviour. The absolute reduction of mobility behaviour is about reducing […]

Saving energy in your company: with immediately applicable tips

Saving energy is in demand like never before The sharp rise in energy prices in recent months affects us all. The increase in the price of natural gas, electricity and petroleum products does not only affect individual households, but is just as noticeable for companies. In addition, growing environmental awareness is also a driver for reducing energy costs and resource consumption in the company. Therefore, energy saving measures are needed. Saving energy in three areas: […]

Sufficiency: What is it and why do we need it? How does sufficiency succeed?

This article is about sufficiency. We as humans, our well-being and our economy are dependent on the earth’s resources. However, resources are limited, just like the earth’s absorption capacity. Ecological boundaries are permanently overextended. Currently prevailing production and consumption patterns do not pursue sustainable strategies. Quite the contrary – according to the motto “more, faster and shorter-lived” – our energy and resource consumption is increasing immeasurably. Efficiency and sufficiency One approach to counter this phenomenon is […]

Greenhouse gas emissions: Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3 – What is it?

Greenhouse gas emissions: Introduction to the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions to measure, record and reduce greenhouse gas emissions   Greenhouse gas emissions: compact introduction to reporting In the efforts to decarbonize in order to reduce climate change, it is highly relevant to efficiently measure, record and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that occur. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) as a standard for the accounting of greenhouse gas emissions, GHG for short, provides a basis for the recording […]

Sustainability Report – CSRD

Extension of the reporting obligation on sustainability The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) expands the scope of affected companies that have to prepare a sustainability report. You will learn briefly about what the CSRD is, who is affected by the directive and what it includes. In addition to the economic responsibility that companies have with their business activities, social relevance is getting more important. Because it is known that a company’s actions have consequences for […]

What opportunities do the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have for SMEs?

The SDGs are formulated at the political level. Many companies we’ve talked to find it difficult to transfer the SDGs directly into the corporate level. There is a missing link between the Global Goals on the one hand and the companies’ universe on the other. Our approach is to build bridges to realize the SDG within the corporate world: what have the SDGs, which address the major and current challenges of the world, in common […]

What impact does your company achieve? About sustainability reports and the evaluation of the common good

Many companies are committed to their employees, create as pleasant and motivating working conditions as possible, pay attention to the health of their colleagues and offer flexible working models. Appreciating corporate cultures that focus on the well-being of employees enable a framework for healthy and motivated employees. Some are innovative at all, reduce hierarchical levels or abolish them altogether and follow the principle of self-management and participation within the company. Still other pioneer companies let […]

Entrepreneurial Mindset – nature or nurture?

written for and first published by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (TCCIMA). Starting a company and living a life as entrepreneur is more and more attractive, as it offers unique opportunities of independency and creating the profession one is passionate about. There are almost no limits in regard of different business ideas. Entrepreneurship has an economic impact and politics as well as investors are paying more attention to entrepreneurship, like green and social […]