to build a sustainable & economic foundation with impact

Design business models

Implementation planning, business model, strategy

Entre- & Intrapreneurship Trainings

in German and English


for a successful implantation of you business idea

Our approach

  1. Create prerequisites for business model design and set goals
  2. Deepen understanding: analyze & research elements for business model design, identify needs and challenges
  3. Design and test business model options
  4. Implement and communicate about business model prototype
  5. Continuously evaluate, adapt to market responses, and develop business model


  • Founders and future founders who would like to commercially implement a solution for a social or ecological challenge
  • Executives who want to promote intrapreneurship
  • Non-profit organizations that want to put their purpose/purpose on a sustainable and economic foundation
  • Start-ups that want to make an impact

Your advantage

  • Participative and self-directed learning methods and moderation
  • International experience and know how
  • scientific and proven methods
  • Empathy and entrepreneurial spirit


Impact (Business) Model Creator

Designing sustainable business models with impact