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Impact Thinking e-Learning

What is impact? Integrate impact into everyday operations with simple tools and successfully act in an impact-oriented manner.

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Impact-oriented employee survey to analyze workplace & team quality based on SDGs and common good values

Impact Compass

ESG Management & Reporting Tool for sustainable Corporate Governance

Impact Check

compact self evaluation to determine the status quo regarding sustainability

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What are science based targets and what is the added value for my company?

Science Based Targets (SBTs) are measurable, actionable, and time-bound targets based on the best science available. They enable actors to align with planetary boundaries and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. This standard is considered one of the strictest in the world due to the high requirements a company must meet to reduce emissions on a large scale. Background of the Science Based Targets Four environmental organizations – CDP, WWF, UN Global Compact, and […]

Waste management concept

This article is about the waste management concept, which companies have to create a waste management concept, when it has to be created and what it should contain. In addition, we describe how a waste management concept helps to improve operational waste management. Waste is generated in every company. However, it is often difficult to keep track of exactly what and how much is generated and, more importantly, how to manage it effectively. A waste […]

Calculate carbon footprint with CO2 calculators for small and micro businesses

Greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 equivalents, carbon footprint, CO2 calculator and footprints. You’ll find in this article why these terms should be familiar to your company. Besides that, the article deals with the carbon footprint and the link to a climate balance. So, what exactly is a carbon footprint? The carbon footprint is the result of a carbon accounting, or climate balance. Essentially, it measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. In particular it measures carbon […]

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