Impact report

Impact Report as the basis for your impact strategy

Create impact logic
evaluate your Impact
Define impact goals & impact indicators
operate in an impact-oriented manner

Impact Report

The impact report provides an overview of your activities and their impact on target groups and society as a whole. At the same time, the impact report can be used as a planning and organizational development tool. Furthermore, it supports you in legitimizing the effectiveness of your organization vis-à-vis donors and in communicating it to cooperation partners, employees, members and other stakeholders.

An impact report consists of the following contents:

  • Societal problem: initial situation, extent of the problem, causes and consequences of the problem
  • Solution approach: previous solution approaches and your solution approach based on the impact logic / impact chain this includes description of output and direct target groups, outcome and impact on direct and indirect target groups
  • Resources, achievements, impacts in the reporting period: resources used (inputs), achievements (outputs) and impacts (outcomes/impact), measures for accompanying evaluation and quality assurance, comparisons with the previous year
  • Planning, goals and outlook: including opportunities & risks
  • Organizational structure & team, cooperations


We have summarized more about our impact thinking approach here.

More information about the creation of an impact report with the SRS (Social Reporting Standard) at Phineo (in German)

Our Approach

We support you in the preparation of your impact report. Our procedure:

  1. Impact Check: Einstieg ins Thema Impact
    1. Kick-off workshop online or in presence
    2. Support in the development of the impact status quo
  2. Strategy: Define impact logic
    1. Develop IOOI impact logic: Input - Output - Outcome - Impact
    2. Derive impact goals & indicators
    3. Define measures to improve impact orientation
  3. Action: Accompanying the reporting process
    1. Create report structure
    2. Create layout, graphics, text
    3. Communicate impact report

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