What opportunities do the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have for SMEs?

The SDGs are formulated at the political level. Many companies we've talked to find it difficult to transfer the SDGs directly into the corporate level. There is a missing link between the Global Goals on the one hand and the companies' universe on the other. Our approach is to build bridges to realize the SDG within the corporate world: what have the SDGs, which address the major and current challenges of the world, in common with the small and medium-sized businesses here in Central Europe?

What are the SDGs?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 in a participatory process in all countries of the world. These 17 SDGs, also known as Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals, are the world's goals to be achieved by the year 2030. To each of the 17 goals, there are several targets assigned that describe in detail what this SDG is about. Altogether there are 169 targets, which concern very different and quite complex topics.

A good life for everyone

The SDGs are based on the major current challenges that need to be resolved worldwide to ensure a good life for all people. They affect everyone and every organization.

It's not just about providing support to developing countries, but more about seeing what can be done locally at the business location to help to meet the SDGs. Here in Central Europe, people are also affected by poverty and hunger, possibly even in your company.

SDG as opportunity for sustainable organizations

"Politics must finally implement the SDGs, the policy is required to act!" We hear such and similar comments again and again in our discussions. In principle, this is not wrong, because politics is ALSO called to create a framework and implement the achievement of the SDGs.

Although the SDGs were formulated for nations, this is not a free ticket for companies - on the contrary, it is a great opportunity for all organisations. The SDGs provide a framework and orientation for sustainable and successful organisations. The challenges behind the SDGs affect us all, including every organisation and its stakeholders. It's about your (potential) customers, suppliers and business partners as well as their worlds of life. It is about enabling a good life for all people.

Implementing the SDGs at company level

The SDGs can also be realised on a small scale. Companies can implement the Global Goals even easier and faster than a country. A government can not simply switch to 100% renewable energy because there are too many barriers and lobbying. For example, a company with an efficient governance structure can change faster to energy from renewable sources. In addition, every company is able to pay fair wages and set CO2-saving measures without losing the next elections. One only has to know how this can be done and in what structure.

And this is exactly where we can support. We offer the solution for organizations and companies to build a bridge and develop an organizational strategy based on the SDGs. This will ensure that your organization develops in a sustainable way, and helps to meet the burning challenges of your stakeholders.

Consistently taking care of the 17 SDGs during the process of corporate planning helps to understand the challenges of your (potential) clients and other stakeholders to provide effective solutions and stay sustainably successful.