What impact does your company achieve? About sustainability reports and the evaluation of the common good

Unternehmer wählt Nachhaltigkeits-Symbole aus

Creating a sustainability report quickly and easily

Many companies are committed to their employees, create as pleasant and motivating working conditions as possible, pay attention to the health of their colleagues and offer flexible working models. Appreciating corporate cultures that focus on the well-being of employees enable a framework for healthy and motivated employees.

Some are innovative at all, reduce hierarchical levels or abolish them altogether and follow the principle of self-management and participation within the company. Still other pioneer companies let the executives be elected by the workforce and keep complete transparency of all information to all employees.

There are also many companies that are committed to protecting the environment, respecting the resource-efficient production and use of products, avoiding toxins, promoting fair supply chain conditions and trying to minimize their carbon footprint.

The problem is that very few people know how committed Austria's SMEs really are. Most companies are so busy with day-to-day operations that little to no time and resources remain to communicate in public about what these pioneers of sustainability actually take for granted.

Our consulting practice shows that it is above all the small and micro-enterprises that dare and bravely try new and innovative approaches.

The obvious solution would be to report on it and take a position as a pioneer and communicate in public under the motto "Do good and talk about it!".

 Sustainability Reporting - how does it work?

Creating a sustainability report could be a complex topic. Among several internationally recognized standards, like GRI, Common Good Balance Sheet, DNK, ISO 26000, Social Reporting Standard or Global Compact a suitable has to be selected. After deciding for one standard, the actual detailed work can start: collecting data and indicators, researching, recording and calculating key figures - and then writing, processing and publishing the report itself.

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge that for these additional tasks only very little time remains during the busy daily business. Nevertheless, there is a demand to write a sustainability report neatly and thoroughly and to prepare the texts in a reader-friendly and understandable way.

Evaluation of the contribution to the common good

We have taken on this problem. Together with the sustainability and IT experts akaryon (https://umweltdaten-tool.at) and the common good expert Dr. Angela Drosg-Plöckinger (https://www.mehrwerte.at) we are developing a web-based management- and reporting-tool, that supports every company during the process of creating a sustainability report at the touch of a button and that is also NADIVEG compliant. Companies can use this tool to simultaneously report according to several common reporting standards and thus receive multiple evaluations as part of a single data collection process.

The tool incorporates sustainability reporting standards such as GRI, EMAS, Common Good Balance Sheet and, for the first time, also makes it possible to operationalize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Reporting).

In addition, the tool is a comprehensive, integrated management system that supports the monitoring and comparison of CSR objectives and accompanies improvement processes. This facilitates and visibly documents the implementation and management of sustainability in general as well as individual measures in the company.

Your benefit: More than just a sustainability report!

For the management and the employees, it becomes apparent which potentials in their company - often still unrecognized - are dormant. You can evaluate the impact of your entrepreneurial activities on behalf of various interest groups inside and outside the company as well as for society and the environment. In addition, the tool helps to initiate measures to improve social and environmental effectiveness.

Your contribution to the common good becomes visible!

The focus of our approach is based on the values ​​such as human dignity, social and ecological responsibility, transparency and participation, justice and solidarity, and cooperation. The result is a status analysis and a comprehensive idea generation for the further development - from the purchase and the handling of team members over the development of new products up to a meaningful financing strategy.

As a result, you can keep your customizable sustainability report in your hands at the touch of a button and communicate your commitment and your contribution to the common good visibly to your customers and (potential) employees.

This will give you

  • a stronger employer branding as an attractive employer - not just for the "New Work" generation
  • a stronger and clear positioning as a sustainable company, which makes a significant contribution
  • a report that complies with NADIVEG

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