Impact Thinking e-Learning

What is impact? Integrate impact into everyday operations with simple tools and successfully act in an impact-oriented manner.

Insights | Employeee

Impact-oriented employee survey to analyze workplace & team quality based on SDGs and common good values

Impact Compass

ESG Management & Reporting Tool for sustainable Corporate Governance


Those who want to be happy and successful need courage - courage to embrace change, to build new bridges, to leave habitual paths and to go new ways.


We are curious about what you are currently doing and what challenges you are currently facing. We are here for you and listen to you.

Thinking outside the box

We are embracing new ideas and thoughts, what allows us to think beyond previous limits and leave usual ways.


We act with deep conviction and heart. We enjoy our activities because they are fun, meaningful, challenging and important.

Impact Check

compact self evaluation to determine the status quo regarding sustainability

Impact Compass

Management- & Reporting-Tool for impact-oriented organisations

Impact Workshop

develop your sustainability strategy independent of location and time factors