Impact Check

compact self evaluation to determine the status quo regarding sustainability

The Impact Check provides a comprehensive assessment of your company's sustainability and economic success. In doing so, you and your team will evaluate several aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals, Welfare Values, and your business model. The evaluation shows, in which aspects of sustainability your company is performing strong, and in which aspects you can find potential for future development.

Impact Workshop

develop your sustainability strategy independent of location and time factors

Taking all aspects of sustainability consistently into account, helps to understand the challenges of actual and potential customers as well as other stakeholders. Additionally it contributes to provide effective solutions. During our online and offline Workshop you will develop your individual sustainability strategy on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Impact-Thinking approach as well as the Values of Common Good.

Impact Compass

Management- & Reporting-Tool for impact-oriented organisations

With this state-of-the-art tool for impact-oriented and sustainable organisations, you can comfortably and quickly collect all your CSR and sustainability data for your reporting according to the common standards of EcoGood-balance sheet, EMAS, GRI and SDG; with easy access, clear data entry and output at the push of a button. Integrated creating processes accompany and document the development of your sustainability strategy and make potential for the future visible.

Team Compass

achieving success together

Team Compass is a simple and convenient tool for the evaluation of the team collaboration and workplace quality. You receive detailed assessment of the qualities your employees experience in the workplace of your company, in which areas there is a need for action and where the future potential lies.