develop & implement innovations

We support the development of innovative, sustainable ideas for solving challenges of society and organisations.

Innovation Development

for sustainable products / services / processes

Innovation Workshops

facilitation and training on the topic of innovation

Business Model Innovation

the key for sustainable success

our approach

  1. Starting with a challenge
    The starting point of our work is an unsolved problem or challenge that affects your customers or employees. The solutions are not yet known or not yet satisfactory. This provides the potential for new, innovative solutions.
  2. Affected people become participants
    The core of our approach is the inclusion of those affected in the innovation process. This allows you a deep understanding of the needs and the problem behind. As a result, there are useful ideas and diverse approaches to solve the problem behind.
  3. Solutions are improved
    The ideas and solutions are tested within the target group for their effect. The goal is to continuously improve the solutions.
  4. Innovative products, services and processes solve the challenge
    As a result, you receive innovative and sustainable products or services or processes, that solve the underlying problem while promoting sustainable and stable relationships with your customers and employees. From the customer experience to new innovative business models that complete your offer and optimally serve the needs of your target group(s).

your advantage

  • experience with the combination of scientific methods and a practice-oriented approach: Throughout the innovation process, we apply a variety of scientific and practice-oriented innovation methods as well as creative methods
  • Involvement and close partnerships to build trust: We involve you directly in the course of the project and build strong relations.
  • Multidisciplinarity: Our team works in a multidisciplinary way to integrate as many different approaches and perspectives as possible.